Token Unlock and Vesting Option for the Foundation

Token unlock & vesting option

This is the announcement to notify you that the tokens allocated for the Foundation will start the vesting process.
According to the token lock-up schedule, the Foundation, 16% of the Total Supply, 16,000,000,000 will be unlocked on a monthly basis, and the vesting amount and schedule remain the same as the one that is available on the Medium.

However, we will automate and decentralize the process of vesting. Therefore, we will transfer the unlocked tokens, 2 x 500,000,000 CRTS for June and July 2022 later today from our Foundation wallet, 0x1f3b731c1f1facf0b8e8cecee735423bbd274ed2, to a new wallet, 0xE6395bCe5b8149A7511c3aC43347Ed4f13Fa12e1, which can execute the automated vesting option.

The vesting will end in Jan, 2025.

Please note that the unlocked tokens that we will transfer today will not be distributed or injected to the market.



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CRATOS is an ERC-20 utility token designed to facilitate citizen participation in the CRATOS app, a real-time live vote platform.