CRTS will be listed on GOPAX

Cratos (CRTS) will be listed on GOPAX, one of the top 5 cryptocurrency exchanges in Korea.

GOPAX said it would list CRATOS (CRTS) on Mar 18.
In addition, there are various promotional activities on GOPAX including trading competition, and buy event.
And the trading begins on Mar 18, 2022, at 3 P.M. (UTC+9).
And the wallet opens on Mar 17, 2022, at 3 P.M. (UTC+9).

This listing would be Cratos’s nineth listing after listing on BitGlobal in July 2021, listing on Bittrex and Uniswap V3 in August 2021, listing on Hoo in September 2021, listing on Probit Global in October 2021, listing on Pancake Swap V2 in November, listing on MEXC in December 2021, and listing on in Jan 2022.

By the way, if you have not heard about us, you can earn CRTS every day from the app! Download the app from the link below.

Here is the reward standard.

Registration: 1,000 CRTS
Voting: 250 CRTS daily
Vote generation: 50 CRTS daily
Comments: 10 CRTS daily

1–10th referee: 250 CRTS each
11th — 200th : 20 CRTS each

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CRATOS is an ERC-20 utility token designed to facilitate citizen participation in the CRATOS app, a real-time live vote platform.