Cratos: The Largest Online Voting Booth

3 min readSep 16, 2022


CRATOS token is a V2E (Vote to Earn) cryptocurrency on the Cratos app, a real-time voting platform. It encourages and compensates for activities including generating votes, participating in votes, and leaving comments. The name comes after the origin of the word, ‘Democracy’. Democracy is the combined word of ‘Demos’, which is ‘the people’ in Greek, and ‘Kratis’, which is ‘power and rule’. Kratis came from the word, ‘Kratos(Cratos)’, God of War. As the Cratos project has been launched, the blockchain ecosystem is spreading to the voting system.

Online communities consist of users with similar political tendencies. So they have many problems in collecting the general opinion of the public. On the contrary, the Cratos app was designed to address biased information. The Cratos project maintains the transparency of voting results to show public opinion fairly. In addition, it is possible to provide accurate data to maximize voting participation through the adoption of the blockchain system.

This app is for voting on various issues such as cryptocurrency, politics, society, and the economy, and the app is available on both Android and iOS. There are more than 300K registered users and 600K downloads from the global version and Korean version of the app since the launch of the Korean version in Dec 2020, and the launch of the global version in Dec 2021.

Cratos is undoubtedly the best voting app around the world.

Currently, a user on the app can earn CRTS on a daily basis as below:

- 500 CRTS on signing up

- 25 CRTS (Daily limit: 25CRTS) on creating a vote

- 5 CRTS (Daily limit: 10CRTS) on leaving a comment

- 2 CRTS (Daily limit: 140CRTS) on participating in a vote

Therefore, users will be earning approximately 175 CRTS daily.

The current reward standard will be valid until Dec. 31, 2022 — at 11:59 PM GMT. After the current standard ends, the new reward standard will be applied. Also, if users have earned a certain amount of Cratos tokens within the app, they can apply for withdrawal immediately. The company is now planning to make various events to enlarge the Cratos community even more than now. Therefore, the Cratos is expected to be the one and only V2E application in the world that must be much more globalized than before.

Furthermore, the Cratos Korean version app has newly added an affiliated survey function. This function is to be conducted with officially affiliated surveys, and they plan to conduct it from various partners such as the media, institutions, companies, and schools. Currently, the Cratos affiliates with a Korean news agency, Newsis. Users can easily find those surveys in the app. The affiliation survey function will be also updated on the global version. Thus, the affiliation will be a central pillar for the Cratos, as partnering companies and institutions are not only limited to Korea, but can extend to countries around the world.

With a long-term vision and a professional development team, Cratos is considered a potential project that could affect traditional elections, the voting system, and the cryptocurrency market. The Cratos project will build a completely decentralized real-time voting platform that can allow people to be connected with votes.

The company described their current development stage and the vision. Now they are focusing their efforts on building their own mainnet. The reason why they are building it is because they want to offer much more advanced technical service, scalability, and reliability.

David Kang, the CEO of the Cratos project operated by Pharos Labs, Inc., mentioned that there is a big gap between real life and blockchain technology/products. He explained that he would fill the aforementioned gap by reaching the public with a simple and friendly designed UI/UX through Cratos and making it easy to digest blockchain technology and services. He mentioned both globalization and the guarantee of freedom of the speech as Cratos’ distinguishing factor. Also, he said that it raises the number of users and community members across the whole world very rapidly.

The Cratos token(CRTS) is available for trading. It is listed on top tier exchanges such as Huobi Global,, MEXC, and et cetera.

Also, you can feel the potential power of the vote when you download and use the Cratos app. You can search for the details of the Cratos token on the official website.

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CRATOS is an ERC-20 utility token designed to facilitate citizen participation in the CRATOS app, a real-time live vote platform.